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How do I execute the SQL query in the workflow. I want the data source to get updated.

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I have created a SQL table and I want to update the data source with those details. How should I go about that?

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Step 1: Click on the transformation tab.  

Step 2: Drag and drop the SQL node onto the main screen.

Step 3: Once you drop the node onto the main screen, a save popup appears. Enter the workflow name and click on the save button.

Step 4: Select the data source on the right side of your screen.  

Step 5: Once the data source has been selected, click on the query button to execute the query. 

Step 6: Upon clicking “Query”, a SQL Executor popup appears. 

Step 7: You can enter the Title, Type and Query. Multiple queries can be added by clicking on the add button on the right.  

Step 8: Click on Apply once the necessary inputs have been entered. (Refer to the image below). 

Step 9: Click on the run button to run the SQL Executor node. Click on the Show Results button and the result is shown under the result tab. (Refer to the image below).  
Note: The effect of the query executed above can be seen in the selected data source.
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