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How does the Duplicate node functionality work?

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darshini b
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I need to drop duplicates in a dataset. Can I use the duplicate node to achieve this? How does it work?

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Duplicate node helps in dropping the duplicates of the dataset based on the selected keys, sorting order and filter criteria. 

Step 1: Once the data has been imported, click on data preparation. 

Step 2: Drag and drop the “Duplicates” node onto the main screen. Connect the two nodes (Data Import node and Duplicates node) or three nodes (Two Data Import nodes and Duplicates node)

Step 3: Once this has been done, select the Unique Key or Multiple keys. Based on this, the duplicates are dropped from the dataset. 

Step 4: It is to be noted that the default value of the unique key will always be set to “Select All”. You can click on the select button next to unique key to deselect the columns or select specific columns. 

Step 5: You can also sort the values by selecting one key from the unique key select option and can select the sorting order from the Partition and Ranking option. If you do not want to sort the values, then you can unselect the Partition and Ranking option.

Step 6: Based on the requirement, you can also select the filter table option and enter the required filter criteria.

Step 7: The duplicates will be dropped based on the filtered data and the selected key.