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I need to completely alter the data source that I’ve already imported. How do I change the data source that has been saved?

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Step 1: In the Main Navigation Bar, click on ‘Admin’. Click on Datasource Management to add/ see the list of Data sources. 
Step 2: Click on Edit and you will be able to perform two operations.  
  • Append 
  • Override 
Step 3: To perform the append operation, click on Edit and then choose file. Click on the next button. (Refer to the image below).  

Step 4: The preview file popup appears. Click on the checkbox located at the bottom left of your screen.  

Step 5: Select the checkbox at the bottom left of your screen. You have two options and those are ‘append and override’. Select the append or override radio button.  

Step 6: Scroll down and in Data Range, click on edit  icon. Now, that icon looks like an arrow . (Refer to the images below).  


Step 7: The user is able to select the data in Data Range. 

Step 8: When the user selects the data in sheet, then the data is updated in the Data Range. 


Step 9: After selecting the data, click on the arrow icon in data range. The icon will be converted into edit icon.  

Step 10: Click on Import. (Refer to the image below).  

Step 11: The status of the Datasource will be shown as Import in progress. Click on Refresh. (Refer to the image below).  
Step 12: After clicking on Refresh, the Datasource is updated with appended data and status will be shown as Completed. (Refer to the image below).