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I need to apply multiselect filter to the report. How do I apply this option so that it is reflected on the dashboard?

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Step 1: On the Main Navigation tool bar click on design. (Refer to the image below).


Step 2: Click on project and create project. 

Step 3: Enter the name of the project and choose filter option to start your design. 

Step 4: Select the data source. Now, drag and drop the dimensions onto the main screen.  

Step 5: The dimension will be converted into filter.  

Step 6: You can change it to button or dropdown type by enabling/ disabling the toggle.  

Step 7: Click on the Edit filter icon. (Refer to the image below).  


Step 8: Enter the name of the filter and select the type of charts and filter icon.  

Step 9: In filter type, select Multiselect. 

Step 10: Save the filter. (Refer to the image below). 


Step 11: Apply the filter in a report. Save the report and publish it.  

Step 12: Go to the dashboard. The multiselect option will be applied to the report.